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David Labrum, MFA, MS, LMHC
Art Counselor
3303 S. Twyckenham Drive
South Bend, Indiana 46614

David Labrum is available for presentations and consultations to organizations or groups seeking to understand how art can be used as an effective bereavement modality or how to implement an art counseling program.

In his presentations, David provides insight and understanding into the grieving process as it pertains to people who experienced the death of a child. He expounds upon the stories of three of his participants whose images originated in his art counseling studio. His enlightening and motivational presentation demonstrates the profound impact that art counseling has had in their lives.

As a consultant, David offers 25 years of experience in developing art counseling programs to address the mental health needs of diverse populations. He can assist you in creating your program, from initial conceptualization through implementation. As a counselor, David is available for private, individual art counseling sessions in South Bend, Indiana.